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Leicester High School for Girls Hosts Successful Year 6 and 7 Taster Day

Leicester High School for Girls recently hosted a Year 6 and 7 Taster Day, providing an opportunity for prospective students to learn more about life at the school.

The day began with an assembly led by Elisa Ikin, the School's Art and Photography teacher. Elisa, who recently achieved success at the renowned Madrid Crossfit Championships, made a memorable entrance by walking into the assembly hall on her hands. Her journey and dedication to fitness served as an inspiring introduction to the day's events.

Throughout the Taster Day, the young visitors had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of engaging and informative lessons. From exploring the world of Music and Geography to getting active in Physical Education and learning about Mathematics and Computer Science, the girls experienced the exciting curriculum that Leicester High School for Girls has to offer.

"The atmosphere throughout the day was fantastic," said Lindsay Jaiya, Admissions Manager of Leicester High School for Girls. " The camaraderie and positivity shown by both students and teachers were a testament to the warm and welcoming community here at Leicester High School for Girls "

For those who may have missed the Taster Day but are still interested in the opportunities at Leicester High School for Girls, we invite you to book a private tour with our admissions manager at