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Let's get Chemical! A Level Chemistry Revision Day 14.5.19

Year 13 Chemists have been back in School during study leave for their A Level revision day. 

The focus of the day was reaction pathways from AS and A Level organic chemistry. The girls used flashcards, played organic snakes and ladders, solved pathway Qs & tackled challenging A2 exam Qs.

Lunch was fun and the food was superb. Mrs Whalley taught the girls how to make vegetable fajitas with salsa, guacamole, refried beans, sour cream & chives. They enjoyed Banoffee Pie for pudding - yum!

In the afternoon we had a Year 13 vs Year 12 Kahoot competition focusing on AS Inorganic chemistry with Year 13 emerging victorious. 

Overall, a successful revision day with great chemistry and great food and great company!

Gallery of pictures from the day

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