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Debating Club

Debating Club members held their first formal debate of the year on Wednesday 2 February, with two teams debating the motion: “This House believes that there should be financial rewards for people to get vaccinated”. 

The Proposition Team: Lamya H, Sabine S and Chioma J, offered a clear model for the proposal and made some valuable arguments about the need to ensure widespread vaccination. Their arguments were rebutted by the Opposition Team: Anya T, Amy C and Mimi H, who were able to argue that the proposed model set a dangerous precedent, which would limit our human right to freedom of choice and was economically unviable. Both teams took questions from the floor.

The winners on the day were the Opposition Team. Our next debate will be held on 9 February with teams debating the motion: “This House believes that we should not take our holidays in countries where human rights are abused”. We are looking forward to a fiercely fought debate! Girls in all years are welcome to come along and watch.


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