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Year 6 - The LHS Way

Leicester High School for Girls is hosting a Year 6 & 7 Taster Day on Thursday, November 16th. The day will include a carousel of lessons and activities for students to experience school life at LHS.



Why do we think Year 6 is so special?

At LHS, we see Year 6 differently. Rather than the end of one stage of education, we see it as the natural continuation into the next. Because of this, girls join our Senior School in Year 6, allowing them to gain an additional year of the secondary curriculum.

Building on the sense of curiosity she has developed during her primary years is key to our ethos for ensuring your daughter makes the most of her abilities. Owing to this, we don't undertake SATS in Year 6. We believe that, at this age, building a love of learning is key to later academic success.  By allowing the girls to focus on a full range of subjects, we ensure we get the best out of your daughter, and she gets the best out of her school experience. At LHS, we see this as more important than measuring her ability to do well in an examination. 

We provide your daughter with the benefits of the specialist teaching spaces and staff in the Senior School, combined with a structured approach to wellbeing and support, through a full year of transition activities, designed in collaboration with our Junior Department. This holistic approach is based on our understanding that academic excellence must go hand-in-hand with outstanding pastoral care in order for our girls to achieve their potential. 

How does Year 6 work at LHS?

Rather than just conducting transition activities in the Summer Term, we treat the whole of Year 6 as transitional. Year 6 girls undertake an Induction Day over the Summer, where they have the opportunity to get to know the Senior School, meet their Head of Year and Form Tutor, and, perhaps most importantly, spend time with their classmates, building their friendships through a series of teamwork activities.

Year 6 have their own Form Room within the Senior School building but they also have access to the specialist teaching rooms, ensuring they benefit from the excellent teaching facilities LHS has to offer

We understand the importance of play for building skills and confidence  - as well as for burning off excess energy! The girls have access to the full range of extracurricular activities the Senior School has to offer. 

At LHS, we believe that everyone is someone and this shines through in our excellent pastoral support. As well as support from their Form Tutor, Head of Year and the School Nurse. 

Outstanding pastoral care has never been more important than it is now. We believe the LHS approach to Year 6 offers the best possible provision: access to Senior School teaching and facilities, and excellent levels of pastoral support, which recognise the specific needs of your daughter.