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British Science Week

Leicester High School for Girls' Science Department proudly participated in British Science Week, hosting a series of innovative and educational activities for students throughout the week.

The week kicked off on Monday with a serene and green start as students and staff took a break from their busy schedules to plant bulbs during their lunch break. This relaxing activity not only allowed them to connect with nature but also provided an opportunity to learn about plant biology and growth cycles. Participants were delighted to take home their planted bulbs, eager to watch them grow.

Tuesday brought not one but two engaging events. Alongside the Parent/Daughter Cosmetic Chemistry event where attendees crafted soap and bath bombs, there was also the Year 5 Express event in the Science department. Parents and daughters joined forces in a lesson about convection, learning together and exploring its principles. The event was a testament to the school's commitment to involving families in the educational journey and encouraging a love for science from an early age.

Wednesday was a day of gooey fun as half the school got together to make slime, an event that proved to be incredibly popular among students. The tactile experience of mixing ingredients and witnessing the transformation into a squishy substance sparked curiosity and enthusiasm for chemistry.

Thursday brought out the competitive spirit in students as they participated in a STEM Challenge judging competition. The challenge involved designing and constructing a mechanical timer, putting their engineering skills to the test. The teams showcased their innovative designs and problem-solving abilities, highlighting the school's commitment to fostering STEM education.

Throughout the week, students were engaged, inspired, and empowered to explore the wonders of science in a supportive and nurturing environment. The Science Department at Leicester High School for Girls continues to strive for excellence in STEM education, cultivating a passion for science that extends beyond the classroom.