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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

WISPA 2016

Women in Sport event for Year 10 sees the girls trying many new activities.

Earlier in the autumn term a group of Year 10 students spent the day at Braunston Leisure Centre, for the annual Women in Sport and Physical Activity Day (WISPA). Each girl to selected three activities which they wouldn’t normally get a chance to do in curriculum time. Here are some of the students' thoughts about the day:

Kickboxing- I absolutely loved it, as I have an on-going experience with this. We did several techniques, from reverse punches, to roundhouse kicks. We learnt the correct stance and simple things such as to how to hold the focus pads. I really admired how they taught you from the very beginning as it felt like we could start from square one and everybody is doing things at the same pace. They were very understanding and patient. 

Archery- We were given several attempts and after a while I began to get the hang of it. We played several competitive games and were assured that we weren't going to get hurt, and no one did. There were many fun aspects of it, for example popping the balloons on the target.

Yoga- This was really relaxing and very stress free. But I think we needed more space.

Overall the day went well and it has encouraged me to do more sports out of school, maybe I will take up archery, though I am not entirely sure. I will be sure to look into it.

By Fatimah Gani

The sports I did were FreeG, Zumba and Kick-boxing. The sport I enjoyed the most was FreeG because it isn't something I would normally be able to do.

I think any girls in Y9 should go to WISPA because it is a great opportunity to have a go at something you wouldn't normally do at school and it is a chance to make new friends and it can show you different sports that hopefully you will carry on with in the future.



I really enjoyed the Zumba activity. It was new, exciting and interactive and was a great work out session.


WISPA offers you a wide range of activities that you will not usually get at school. You make new friends and get a taster at something you wouldn't ever expect to see yourself doing. It has helped me to try new things before I make conclusions about them. Who knows? You might even pursue it!

Maria Asif-Malik

I did VX, Kickboxing and Zumba. My favourites were VX and Zumba as I had never done the sport VX before and I absolutely loved it and I want to look into doing it again as a hobby. WISPA was an amazing experience and inspired me to do more sport and I thoroughly encourage everyone to do it regardless of how you feel about sport. 

Tobi Osinubi


• Archery

• Kickboxing



I enjoyed the fact that I was able to try out a variety of different sports and try out new things. It was nice to work with different people from different schools too.


The WISPA event is a lot of fun. You are able to try out and choose to do lots of different things that you may not have done before. In doing this, you may also find a sport you have a passion for and would like to continue for a longer period of time. We are put in small groups with some new people, and are able to give it a go without feeling uncomfortable.

Shahd Ageed