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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

A Level Chemistry Revision Camp 25-26 May

A new initiative from our Chemistry Department provided Year 13 students with the opportunity to attend an intensive revision camp during study leave, which combined revision with activities to help develop to develop the girls’ understanding of healthy eating and wellbeing.

Our Year 13 Chemistry A Level students had a fantastic time at their Chemistry Revision Camp which took place on Thursday 25 May and Friday 26 May.

During the Camp the students undertook high quality, targeted revision, alongside exercise and the preparation and cooking of healthy food. The Camp covered Specific areas of the curriculum including organic and physical chemistry topics. 

Each day started at 8am with an exercise session before the girls moved into their revision sessions. They then made and ate a healthy lunch before the afternoon revision sessions. On the Thursday the girls made their own dinner, before a sleepover at the School.  

Dr Nicky Singleton, said: "Combining academic study with wellbeing activity worked really well and the girls worked fantastically hard". 

Ruhi, who attended the camp said: "The session was hugely beneficial to us. Not only did we go over the Chemistry Specification but many of us understood how to become more efficient with our revision by learning new techniques and being given resources. Furthermore, as the day shed light on wellbeing, we were able to cook healthy meals ourselves, preparing us for university life by teaching us how to ensure our meals are nutritious as well as tasty. Looking back, the day was a huge success!"