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Subject overview

Economics focuses on the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. A Level Economics gives a strong grounding in both micro and macroeconomics and how it applies to the modern world.

You will develop a clear understanding of the current economic environment which surrounds you and how this links with economic theory. Lessons are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and not simply to cover the narrow boundaries of the specification. You will develop the necessary analytical, questioning and quantitative skills to learn how to ‘think as economists’ and the desire to explore the subject further.

Course content

  • Microeconomic theory
  • Theoretical working of the free market
  • Imperfections and market failures
  • Macroeconomy functions on a domestic and global level
  • Policy approaches
  • Changes in macroeconomics over time


Economics can lead onto a broad range of careers. It can prepare you for very high-powered jobs which can be rewarding financially and intellectually. Economics graduates are employed in a range of posts which may, or may not, be related to the discipline they studied. They work in manufacturing, transport, communications, banking, insurance, investment and retailing industries, as well as in government agencies, consulting and charitable organisations.