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Further Pure Mathematics

Years studied: As a GCSE option in Years 10-11. Further Maths is also available as an option at A Level


Subject Overview

The course provides a solid base for pupils who wish to go on and study Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-Level. It also supports the advanced mathematical understanding required for study of the sciences at A-Level.

You will develop an understanding of mathematical reasoning and processes and the ability to relate different areas of mathematics.

  • You will use numerical skills in a purely mathematical way and in real life situations
  • You will use algebra and calculus to set up and solve problems
  • You will develop confidence and competence when manipulating mathematical expressions
  • You will use vectors and rate of change to model situations

Course Content 

During the course you will study:

  • Logarithmic functions and indices
  • The Quadratic equation
  • Identities and inequalities
  • Graphs and functions
  • Series - Arithmetic series, Geometric series, Binomial series
  • Vectors
  • Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry


There are two examination papers at the end of the IGCSE course. Each paper is two-hours long and each paper is weighted at 50% of the qualification.

Acceptance onto the IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics is subject to the approval of the Head of Mathematics and will be based on
your level of achievement in Maths during Year 9.