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Education in PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education) is recognised as a necessary part of a young person’s full educational entitlement.

Why Study PSHCE?

You will gain the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary:    

  • To develop self-understanding and strategies to make the most of their abilities
  • To develop a healthy lifestyle, learn how to recognise risks and how to make safe and healthy choices
  • To develop effective and fulfilling relationships, including a sense of responsibility, respecting the views, rights and needs of others and learning how to make moral decisions
  • To develop an understanding of the society and communities in which they live, learning how to play an active role as informed citizens

The programme supports the aims of the School, providing an opportunity to discuss issues openly, whilst increasing knowledge of the wider world beyond the School gates. Respect, tolerance and confidentiality are emphasised within the lessons to encourage a frank exchange of views and an opportunity to question values without intimidation or embarrassment.

In Year 10 a set of ground rules is used to create a conducive atmosphere for discussion. The programme also includes careers guidance. External speakers are invited to take sessions when appropriate. Assessment There is no formal assessment of this subject, but girls will build up a portfolio of materials and it is hoped that, on leaving the School, each girl should be able to make informed decisions to shape her life and contribute to the society in which she lives in a positive and confident manner.

You Will Study

Topics covered in Year 10 include:
  • Relationships – love, sex, marriage
  • Contraception and sexually transmitted infections
  • Well woman
  • Stress
  • Illegal drugs
  • Politics
  • Consumer issues
  • Homophobia
Topics covered in Year 11 include:
  • Alcohol
  • Date rape
  • FGM
  • Influence of the media
  • Bereavement
  • The Law
  • Money matters
  • Dangers of Pornography