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Year 2 students explore History at Warwick Castle

Year 2 students from Leicester High School for Girls enjoyed a trip to Warwick Castle as part of their study on 'Magnificent Monarchs'.

The trip offered the students an opportunity to study medieval history and experience first-hand the grandeur of one of England's most iconic landmarks.

During their visit, the students had the chance to witness the launch of a trebuchet, providing insight into medieval warfare techniques. They also enjoyed a bird of prey display, appreciating the beauty and agility of these majestic creatures.

One of the highlights of the day was the ascent of over 500 steps to the top of the castle tower. From this elevated vantage point, students were able to admire panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and explore the castle's ramparts, gaining a deeper understanding of its historical significance.

Miss Stell, the Year 2 teacher, remarked, "The trip was a fantastic learning experience for our students, allowing them to really get a feel for history.”

Leicester High School for Girls is committed to providing its students with opportunities to broaden their horizons and engage with their learning in meaningful ways. The visit to Warwick Castle provided a tangible and memorable experience that will complement the students' classroom studies and inspire their curiosity about the past.

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