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Alumna visits Leicester High School for Girls

Leicester High School for Girls recently warmly welcomed back its alumna, Nayya, who paid a visit to the school.

Nayya, who was a student at LHS from 2004 to 2017, is currently pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Leicester.

During her visit, Nayya reconnected with her former teachers, including her favourite, Mrs. Morgan. She took the opportunity to express her gratitude to Mrs. Morgan for the significant impact she had on her educational journey. Nayya remembered Mrs Morgan’s birthday, giving her flowers and a birthday card, signifying their strong teacher-student bond. Mrs. Morgan, moved by Nayya's visit, said, "It was an absolute pleasure to see Nayya again and I am proud of her achievements."

Nayya's visit served as a reminder of the connections within the Leicester High School for Girls community and the profound influence of its teachers.

For more information about Leicester High School for Girls and its alumnae, please visit the website.