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Alumna's Optometry Apprenticeship Success

We were delighted to welcome back alumna Maryam (‘21) to Leicester High School for Girls recently. Maryam is currently pursuing an Optometry Apprenticeship.

Curious to know more about her incredible journey? Read our exclusive interview with Maryam, where she shares her inspiring path from student to apprentice.

What inspired you to pursue this career path?

I was inspired to pursue a career in optometry due to my personal experience with progressive myopia since I was five years old. My curiosity grew with each visit to the optometrist, ultimately leading me to change my career path from physics or engineering to optometry.

How did your education and experiences at our school help prepare you for the challenges and opportunities you've encountered in optometry?

My education at Leicester High was so much more than my GCSE results. I learnt how to communicate effectively, tips and tricks for organisation, interacting with the public, especially elderly patients, and even walking in high heels - which I wear to work every day! Since my current duties include patient contact for things like dispensing spectacles and screening, communication with my colleagues and patients is very important.

What does a typical day look like for you as an optometry apprentice? Could you describe some of the key responsibilities and tasks you handle in your role?

As an optometry apprentice, my typical day involves various responsibilities, including dispensing spectacles, conducting screening tests, managing orders for spectacles and contact lenses, and ensuring accurate completion of General Ophthalmic Service forms. I also work on the business aspects of running a practice on non-testing days.

Are there any memorable experiences or moments during your time at the School that you'd like to share?

Charity Day is one of my fondest memories growing up at Leicester High. I also remember the Mario Kart competition, (the only person I couldn’t beat being Miss Tyler), the carol services, and, of course, the prom that we held in the gym.

For current students who might be considering a career in optometry or a related field, what advice would you give them based on your own experiences and insights gained throughout your journey?

I advise them to recognise the responsibility that comes with healthcare. Empathy is crucial in patient care, as every interaction can greatly impact their experience. Understanding that no two patients are alike and being sensitive to their diverse backgrounds is essential in this rewarding field.