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Leicester High School for Girls Celebrates Student's Oxford Offer Success

Leicester High School for Girls is delighted to announce the outstanding achievement of Year 13 pupil Florence, who has been offered a place to study at the prestigious University of Oxford after a successful application process. 

Florence has been accepted into St John's College at the University of Oxford, where she will pursue a degree in French and Italian.  

Mr. Mark Ryman, the Head of Sixth Form at Leicester High School for Girls, expressed his pride, saying, "A huge well done to Florence. The application process for Oxford is known to be demanding, and her success reflects not only her remarkable efforts but also the exceptional teaching and mentoring she has received at our school." 

Florence shared her enthusiasm for her upcoming studies at Oxford, saying, " I applied to Oxford not only because it was the number one university for French but more specifically, because the course allows me to study French visual arts which I'm particularly passionate about, as well as literature and film.  The application process, including admissions tests and interviews, was challenging, but I felt well-supported at every stage. The guidance and encouragement from my teachers and the university itself were invaluable during the interviews, which initially seemed daunting. Receiving the offer was overwhelming, and I am genuinely excited about expanding my knowledge and interests in such a historic and intellectually vibrant city, where so many great minds have studied." 

She continued, "I'm particularly thrilled about the chance to learn a new language, Italian, and to further develop it during the year abroad. This course will allow me to build upon the subjects I've enjoyed the most at LHS. Especially during my A-level studies, I've had the opportunity to combine language skills with the exploration of French culture, including politics, music, and film, which has given me a deeper understanding of modern-day France and its people." 

Leicester High School for Girls takes pride in providing its students with a holistic approach to education that combines academic excellence with a rich array of extracurricular opportunities. The school is committed to nurturing intellectually ambitious thinkers who are effective, independent learners, and who possess the skills and habits of mind needed to thrive in the world of tomorrow. 

For more information about the Sixth Form at Leicester High School for Girls and the exceptional educational opportunities it offers, please visit the website.