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Physics Olympiad

All the Year 12 and Year 11 Physics students have recently taken part in the Physics Olympiad. This competition develops student’s problem-solving skills, which is a key skill that universities are looking for. The standard of the problems is very challenging, the Institute of Physics quotes that “University professors have taken this and ‘got nowhere’”, so all the students who took part should be congratulated.

The results of the competition and the awards are:

Year 12


Saiya J
Aa'ishah S




Year 11



Sophie X
Umaymah A
Maya J
Zahra I
Hafsah H
Suzan A
Shivani R
Lucy M
Lola K
Esha K
Paris A
Mimi H
Sarah M
Arya J

Marlene S
Saran S
Sana M
Sara I
Imogen F
Cassidy C
Millie B
Alina A
Safiya P
Poppy O
Zunaira K
Esha J
Doaa E
Fatimah D
Amirah D
Haniya B
Saydie B
Lathuza G
Maryam S
Amritha M
Pranavi S


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