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2015 ISI Inspection Report

Excellent in every category

Y9 Study Philosophical Arguments in RS

Y9 enjoy the philosphical debate, using playdough, in RS with Ms Teal....

In Year 9 RS, girls have been looking at Philosophical Arguments for the existence of God and in a recent lesson they thought about the concept of 'Intelligent Design' as part of the Teleological Argument (Argument from design and purpose). Students were given the task of being 'intelligent designers' and had to create a new creature or plant- thinking carefully about the design and the purpose of the various aspects of their design. As part of this they first made a prototype model from playdough before completing a more thorough design on paper. This enabled students to have an opportunity to be imaginative and innovative but also to appreciate the challenge and complexity of being original and at the same time having purpose in their design. This enabled them to have a deeper understanding of the Teleological Argument as put forward by thinkers such as William Paley and Sir Isaac Newton.