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Sally Timms: Library Visionary

Discover how the Head Librarian, Sally Timms, at Leicester High School for Girls weaves her passion for creativity and sustainability into the very fabric of the school library, transforming it into a vibrant hub of green living, learning, and community engagement.

How have you integrated your passion for creativity and sustainability into your role as Head Librarian at our school? 

I love to weave my passion for creativity & sustainability into the very fabric of our school library.  Zero Waste is our mission - it's all about resourcefulness!  A student curated library display - #eco-goals #sustainability-goals – informs & encourages green living.  Supported by a dedicated section of current books in the library, it`s attracting a lot of student engagement. 

What is so good about the library at Leicester High School for Girls 

The library here is a welcoming, community area at the heart of the school; I`ve worked hard to transform it into a vibrant, dynamic space for learning, creativity, wellbeing & exploration.  Accessible to all from 7.30am – 6pm, students enjoy cosy reading nooks, an amazing range of quality books, digital resources & a flexible maker space stocked with sewing machines & recycled materials for crafting.   

What do you like most about our school and what sets us apart from others? 

LHS is a very special place.  Our beautiful, characterful school building isn`t huge & as a result, we all know & care for one another in a supportive, challenging and fun environment.  We listen & encourage students to enjoy the new opportunities just waiting to be experienced here! 

How do you encourage creative thinking in our students through the library’s offerings? 

By offering Pop-Up sewing lessons, crafting & inviting students to curate library displays. Recently, a creative student Task Force formed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to collect fabrics and cut & stitch post-surgery shoulder bags in the library.  Donating to a local hospital has inspired us to plan more community & charity creative projects in 2024 at Leicester High School for Girls.  

What is something about you that most people are not aware of? 

 I worked as a seamstress for TeamGB at the London 2012 Olympics. 

 Most exciting job ever!