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Sue Hills from Leicester High School Advocates for Alice Ruggles Trust and Stalking Awareness

Leicester High School's Maths Teacher, Sue Hills, Addresses Conferences on the Alice Ruggles Trust and Raising Awareness of Stalking. 

Leicester High School is proud to announce that Dr. Sue Hills, one of its dedicated Mathematics teachers, is a featured speaker at prominent conferences around the UK where she discusses the inspiring work of the Alice Ruggles Trust. The conferences bring together experts, advocates, and policymakers to address the critical issue of stalking and coercive control. 

The Alice Ruggles Trust was founded by Sue and her family after the loss of Sue's daughter Alice Ruggles, an ex-pupil at Leicester High School. Alice was stalked and murdered by a controlling ex-partner in 2016. The trust has been a beacon of hope and change in tackling these serious issues ever since.  

Sue’s presentations shed light on the pressing need for a greater understanding of the problems experienced by young people affected by stalking, as well as the importance of effective support and legislation to protect victims. 

Sue remarked, "Two women every week are murdered in the UK and the overwhelming majority are stalked before they are murdered. Yet society still has a poor understanding of the potential seriousness of this insidious crime. The tragedy is that many of these deaths could be prevented simply by improving the understanding of the crime. We founded the Alice Ruggles Trust to provide educational resources for schools to raise awareness of stalking and coercive control. Our aim is to equip future generations with the tools to deal with or prevent stalking before it becomes dangerous and to ensure that every member of society will recognise stalking for the truly abhorrent crime that it is." 

Mr John Partridge, Deputy Head, expressed his pride in having Sue Hills as part of their teaching staff and commended her dedication to the Alice Ruggles Trust, saying, "Sue’s commitment to raising awareness about stalking and coercive control through the Alice Ruggles Trust is truly admirable." 

If you are interested in any more information on the trust, please visit the website