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Meet our Peripatetic Music Teachers

Leicester High School for Girls is pleased to introduce its peripatetic music teachers.

These experienced instructors offer expertise in various musical instruments and vocal training, providing valuable opportunities for students to expand their musical abilities. 

Our peripatetic music teachers and their specialities include: 

Ruth Proctor - Piano 

Emma Trounson - Singing 

Julia Bound - Piano 

Nick Bott - Drums 

Tamaki Higashi - Violin 

Wendy Boswell - Piano and Woodwind 

Alex Hewins - Brass 

Clare Pitchford - Violin and Piano 

Anne Mee - Cello and Piano 

Individual music lessons with our peripatetic teachers are available at rates, ranging from £17 to £20 per lesson. 

To schedule individual music lessons with any of our peripatetic teachers, please contact them directly using the provided contact details on our website. Start your music journey today!